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Mark Twain Essays (1428 words) - Picaresque Novels, Lecturers

Imprint Twain It is undeniable that, during his numerous long stretches of composing, Mark Twain built up himself as a scholarly virtuoso. It is likewise unquestionable that the essential explanation behind his prosperity as a creator was his snappy mind and feeling of humor. During this current country's season of political and social division, Twain composed about a large number of the less complex things throughout everyday life while continually demonstrating his humorist side. His splendid comedic mind was particularly strange for any famous essayist around during this unpleasant timeframe in the country's history. Imprint Twain's humorist perspectives and compositions genuinely cement him as the ancestor of American cleverness. In contrast to numerous journalists of his time, Samuel Clemens, otherwise called his nom de plume, Imprint Twain never isolated himself or toiled over a bit of work. He appreciated playing pool or sitting on his patio, smoking a funnel. He lived with his spouse and three little girls, and did the vast majority of writing in his pool room or on his bed. He carried on with a straightforward, easygoing life, which demonstrated to support his laidback, humorist mentality. (Whipple, Sally) William Dean Howells once thought about Twain's way of life to the next well known scholars of his time. Emerson, Longfellow, Lowell, Holmes... they resembled each other and like other scholarly men; however Clemens was sole, unique. (Twainweb) This being Jones 2 maybe the best clarification for Twain's one of a kind humorist sees, it is no uncertainty this way of life accommodated his imaginative narrating and effective profession as an creator. Imprint Twain, a local of Missouri who lived most his adolescence in destitution, started his vocation, shockingly, as a steamer pilot. This profession way was destined to be hindered by the Civil War, wherein he served for the Confederate Army for about fourteen days before pulling back. As of now in his life, Twain was demonstrating his humorist side when he remarked on this episode saying, was my retirement from it that brought the accident. It left the Confederate side excessively frail. (Ayers, 42) After the Civil War, Twain started his profession as a columnist. He ricocheted starting with one city then onto the next, including a stay at Virginia City, Nevada and San Francisco. While in San Francisco, Twain composed The Observed Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, his first broadly acclaimed work. This story of little fellows and frog races consolidated the topics of youth and humor, a mix he would return to much of the time. (Budd, 32) Finally, in 1869, Twain's first book, The Innocents Abroad, was distributed and discharged. This story gave numerous hilarious statements which Twain would get renowned for. For model, Twain remarked on Italy saying, The Creator made Italy with structures by Michelangelo. (Ayers, 126) Twain would make his generally popular, and silly, cites later on while living in Hartford. In the mid 1870's, Twain also, his love bird spouse, Olivia Langdon, moved into a three-story house in Hartford, Connecticut, where he would spend his best years. The first book Twain composed while in Hartford was Roughing It, which was Jones 3 discharged in 1872. Regardless of numerous funny minutes during the book, its prevalence and comedic were slight contrasted with his next book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Considered by numerous individuals as perhaps the best story, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer returns to the subject of youth joined with humor which he regularly nearly flourishes off of on occasion. Tom Sawyer, which came out four years after Improvising, was discharged to blended groups. The book was restricted in a few zones what's more, deals were delayed in the first place. In the long run, individuals had the option to look past a considerable lot of the dubious issues in the book and see the humorist side of the book, which would in the long run make the book a work of art. (Imprint Twain in His Times) This book, more so than others, in a roundabout way made jokes about grown-ups for overlooking their youth. In the prelude of Tom Sawyer, Twain clarifies his purpose behind composing it. Some portion of my arrangement has been to wonderfully help grown-ups to remember what they were themselves, and how they felt and thought and talked, and what eccentric undertakings they now and again occupied with. (Ayers, 37) This announcement does a decent employment of pointing something generally self-evident, yet additionally ridicules life at its most straightforward. This is a humorist style that has made him not just one of America's most well known scholars, yet additionally an unbelievable good example for some other creators and comics who have become popular themselves. One such man who has revered Mark Twain was the acclaimed twentieth century entertainer and comic, Hal Holbrook. In 1959, Holbrook, an insignificant seventeen

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Corporate Finance Funding and Capital Structure

Question: Depict about the Corporate Finance for Funding and Capital Structure. Answer: Presentation Corporate Finance is the field of account which manages the wellspring of subsidizing and capital structure of the associations. The fundamental targets of the corporate money are to expand the estimation of the organization to the partners of the firm and the ideal distribution of the budgetary assets. Wesfarmers has been decided for this report. 1: Wesfarmers is a combination organization in Australia. The organization has a great deal of activities in different field of efficient retail, coal mining, treating, synthetic concoctions and numerous others. Wesfarmers has an exceptionally alluring profit arrangement for their investors. According to the received profit strategy of Wesfarmers, the organization trusts in conveying developing profits each tear. It challenges that the organization use to build the level of profits every single year. In any case, the measure of profit relies upon different components like the acquiring of the organization, incomes and accessible franking credits. Throughout the years, the organization has been giving a lot of cash as the profit. Wesfarmers has given $ 1,070 million in the year 2015 and $ 1,247 million in the year 2016 as the last profit to its investors ( 2016). Payout Ratio (2015) = Dividends/Net Income = $ 1,247 million/$ 2,440 million = 0.51 (approx) Payout Ratio (2016) = Dividends/Net Income = $ 1,070 million/$ 407 million = 2.63 (approx) Profit Yield for the year 2015 was 4.74 percent and for the year 2016 was 4.74 too. 2: The most suitable approach to pass on the money related data to the market is the yearly report of the organization. A very much structured yearly report of an organization mirrors the genuine picture of the money related situation of that organization. For this situation, the profit approach is a significant apparatus. A solid profit strategy assists with making a decent picture of the organization to the financial specialists. On account of Wesfarmers, the organization has announced its profit approach in the yearly report of the year 2016. According to the strategy, Wesfarmers needs to expand the pace of profit every year dependent on the money related execution of the organization (Rondi et al. 2013). The peripheral investors of the organization are different organizations, gatherings, people and numerous others ( 2016). According to yearly reports of the organization, the organization use to give as profits just as issue buyback shares. Wesfarmers has a progressively worthwhile profit approach contrasted with different firms in a similar part. 3: Wesfarmers is an organization which is notable for its compensation structure for the chiefs and the officials. The organization follows a specific structure while giving compensation and motivators to the senior administration. The compensation structure of Wesfarmers for the senior administration is comprises of three sections. They are the fixed yearly compensation, momentary yearly motivating forces and long haul yearly motivators (McNulty, Florackis and Ormrod 2013). The structure suggests that the senior administration is exposed to get a fixed bit of compensation independent of their presentation. Then again, there is some present moment just as long haul motivating force plans for the senior administration of the organization. According to the rule standards, the impetus structure for the ranking directors ought to so that it energizes the senior administration go about as the proprietors of the organization. The present moment and long haul motivating forces are given to the senior administration according to their exhibition to maintain the matter of Wesfarmers (Pepper, Gore and Crossman 2013). 4: The principle target of Wesfarmers is to make a solid arrangement of business that will give the agreeable come back to the financial specialists of the organization ( 2016). There is a solid connection between the goal of the association and the compensation plan of the senior administration of Wesfarmers. The destinations are doable and can be profited by the compensation plan as the accomplishment of an association relies upon the presentation of the senior supervisory crew. Taking a gander at the improving monetary state of Australia, the current financial state of Wesfarmers is developing towards high. Be that as it may, the monetary downturn will impede the method of the arrangement. The investors will take the compensation plan positively as the arrangement will assist them with gaining more significant yields; yet there are some monetary pundits who can respond to the arrangement in an unfavorable manner. End According to the entire report, it tends to be seen that Wesfarmers has a profit approach which permits the investors to acquire level of profits each year. Then again, compensation and motivation plan of Wesfarmers assists with accomplishing a definitive target of the organization. References McNulty, T., Florackis, C. also, Ormrod, P., 2013. Sheets of executives and money related hazard during the credit crisis.Corporate Governance: An International Review,21(1), pp.58-78. Pepper, A., Gore, J. furthermore, Crossman, A., 2013. Are long?term motivator designs a powerful and productive method of rousing senior executives?.Human Resource Management Journal,23(1), pp.36-51. Rondi, L., Cambini, C., Bremberger, F. furthermore, Gugler, K., 2013.Dividend Policy in Regulated Firms. College Library of Munich, Germany. (2016).docs/default-source/reports/2016-yearly report.pdf?sfvrsn=8. [online] Available at: report.pdf?sfvrsn=8 [Accessed 22 Oct. 2016]. (2016).Investors. [online] Available at: focus [Accessed 22 Oct. 2016]. (2016).Who we are. [online] Available at: our identity is/who-we-are [Accessed 22 Oct. 2016].

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Essay Writing Topics For Xat

Essay Writing Topics For XatEssay writing is a very popular form of educational writing, but sometimes you want to spice it up a bit and take on more interesting essay writing topics for xat. This article offers some ideas to get you started on a topic that will be more original and interesting.Many students find that essay writing in high school tends to be fairly unoriginal, but once they enter college and the less structured curriculum, their topic choices start to expand dramatically. One way to make this happen is to try something different, but still very much in keeping with the format of a regular academic writing assignment. A good starting point is to write a report on an area of interest. Maybe you've always been fascinated by ancient Egyptian or Greek art and are now trying to convert that interest into a true academic report.Another possibility is to use your knowledge of history to write a history-based essay on a current topic, or one that touches on some aspect of gen eral science. A good example of this would be to use the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle as a jumping off point for a science-based report. Having a basic understanding of physics can go a long way in these types of assignments.These days you can also try writing original essays on almost any topic, but you may have to let the topic come to you. What this means is that you can't force the topic onto a piece of paper. Instead, you'll have to write in a way that allows the topic to filter itself into your own thoughts and feelings, and then it becomes something you know to write about.Even if you already know the topic you can take some original ideas and turn them into an essay. For example, if you've always enjoyed Chinese cooking, and you've never written about it before, you could try to research some of the more popular dishes from Chinese cuisine, and then use these to inspire your own report.You can also use your unique viewpoint to write about a controversial topic. The last thing you want to do is sound like some kind of politically correct liberal activist when you're presenting the facts to your audience. Instead, try to bring your unique viewpoint into the discussion, and the comments you receive will probably be a lot more supportive and polite than the usual type of comments you get.Successful writing requires at least a little planning. While the details of your written essay are subject to the rules of grammar and punctuation, it's important to understand that it's not just a matter of looking at the paper and executing sentences as you see fit. Often the best ideas are the ones that come from unusual or offbeat places, and if you have a wide range of talents that don't often seem related, such as music or cooking, it may be a good idea to integrate these into your essay.Finally, if you really want to include a personal element to your original essay, why not consider using your own children? In the same way that parents are usually allowed to incorporate a lot of their children's interests into their writings, so too should you be allowed to incorporate your own interests into your essay. Maybe it's a whole different family-written report, or perhaps you're a writer who wrote his first book while you were still living with your parents, and your young children helped you prepare the material.

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Essay about Corruption in The Great Gatsby - 1141 Words

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in 1896 and died in 1940. After dismissed from the army in 1917, he returned to Princeton and finished his first novel This Side of Paradise, which made him wealthy overnight. He then married Zelda, a beautiful but expensive girl. During his time (which he named Jazz Age), the whole American society was immersed in the post-war deteriorations and economic booming. The so-called lost generation forfeited their believes on American dream and solely aimed to pursue material and sensual pleasures. Fitzgerald himself also fully engaged in such main stream of the roaring twenties. He and his wife indulged in alcohol, dancing, and jazz music in the upper class parties. While gradually he realized that all†¦show more content†¦The real purpose for Gatsby to do so was to attract his past lover Daisy and win back her love. Five year ago, Gatsby met and fell in love with her during his service in the army. However, Daisy was tired of waiting for Ga tsby who was poor and engaged in the WWI and finally married to Tom Buchanan, who was quite wealthy and influential. But the material and physical satisfactions didn’t fulfill Daisy’s empty and hollow spirit. With the help of Nick, Gatsby and Daisy had a reunion in Nick’ house and their love seemed to revive. While soon Gatsby found that Daisy was no longer the pure and innocent girl he dreamed in the past, but a beautiful, silly, selfish and vulgar creature. Gatsby still struggled to repeat the past and hoped Daisy would change her mind and live with him forever, which led to a more pathetic tragedy to him. Afterwards the drunken Daisy, who drove in Gatsby’s car, killed Tom’s mistress Myrtle accidentally. But she made a conspiracy with Tom and cruelly through the guilty on Gatsby. Consequently, George Wilson, the husband of Myrtle rushed to Gatsby’s house abruptly and shot him to death and then committed suicide. Gatsby was eventually made the scapegoat for the cruel and selfish Daisy and her husband. Nick tried hard but few people attended Gatsby’s funeral, which was a big contrast to his luxury party with hundreds of guests. After the event, Nick decided to go back to the Midwest and keep distance from the roaring, cold and hypocrisy cityShow MoreRelatedCorruption In The Great Gatsby Analysis1160 Words   |  5 PagesIn a state of oblivion, the greatest of men can get corrupted by the object they seek.The thing they desire with great ferocity blinds them and it becomes their only focus, causing them to ignore the casualties they incite in the journey.This corruption courses throughout Fitzgeralds ‘The Great Gatsby’, while centering itself on a young man madly in love with a young woman, and the great ordeals he pursues her love.As simple as the plot is presented, the underlying theme of the novel centers on theRead MoreCorruption In The Great Gatsby Essay701 Words   |  3 Pageswas corrupt and selfish. In the Great Gatsby the upper class is shown as corruptive. The people in the upper class such as Tom and Daisy don’t really care about their actions because they feel invincible due to their amount of money and the power they have. Fitzgerald illustrates the corruption in the way upper class is care-less about their behavior. The way people in the upper class behave toward others and in society demonstrates how corruptive they are. At Gatsby parties the people behaved asRead MoreTheme Of Corruption In The Great Gatsby809 Words   |  4 PagesJust like any other word, corruption has multiple interpretations. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, corruption as a noun means dishonest or illegal behavior, especially by powerful people. Power also has a number of interpretations in a variety of different contexts. Historians associate power with an ability used to force people into obeying leaders. Scientists associate power as a rate at which work happens. F. Scott Fitzgerald associates corruption with New Yorkers who possess an abundanceRead MoreCorruption In The Great Gatsby Essay822 Words   |  4 PagesScott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is about a writer named Nick Carraway. He leaves the Midwest and comes to New York City in the spring of 1922 . Nick chases his American Dream and ends u p living next door to a mysterious, party-loving millionaire, Jay Gatsby, who is   across the water from his cousin, Daisy and her husband, Tom Buchanan. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald reveals that the upper class society is corrupt from money. This is best proven through Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom. UpperclassmenRead MoreThe Great Gatsby : The Corruption Of The American Dream1771 Words   |  8 PagesThe Great Gatsby: The Corruption of the American Dream The Great Gatsby may appear as a novel containing dramatic, twisted relationships; however, the main theme has to do with the culture of the 1920s, and how it leads to the downfall of the American Dream. The 1920s were an age of change: politically and socially. The nation’s wealth nearly doubled, leading many Americans into a prosperous society, while others experienced extreme poverty (The Roaring). People began performing, women wore flapperRead MoreEssay on The Corruption of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby1302 Words   |  6 Pages On April 10, 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald published The Great Gatsby, a novel that would later become one of the best known pieces of classic literature in history. However, at the time of its publication, Gatsby was fairly unpopular ad the reviews were never consistent. As shocking as it may seem, I believe it is because Fitzgerald’s intelligence and creativity levels were way ahead of his time, which is evident when one pays close attention to the themes of the novel. ForgivenessRead MoreThe Great Gatsby Displaying the Corruption of the American Dream742 Words   |  3 PagesThe Great Gatsby: The Corruption of the American Dream In the 1920’s many people left their countries to come to America seeking for the American dream. The American Dream meant being successful and happy. Many people started to learn that they couldn’t find that happiness without the money. In Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, the characters based their lives off of wealth and materialism, forgetting what the real idea of the American dream was. Throughout the story, Daisy, Gatsby and MyrtleRead MoreThe Corruption of the American Dream in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby1345 Words   |  6 Pagessocial and economic mobility earned through hard work, as corrupted and debased by the egotistic materialism of the 1920s, an era which Fitzgerald characterizes chiefly by its greed and lavish hedonism, in his celebrated novel The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald, in The Great Gatsby, seeks to discredit the supposed purity of the American Dream and belief that anyone can attain it through hard work. Instead, he argues that the dream is a mere delusion, altered so significantly from its original form that itsRead MoreEssay on The Great Gatsby: The Corruption of the American Dream1010 Words   |  5 Pagesnovel ‘The Great Gatsby’ where there are a variety of characters that are living or seeking The American Dream. Whether it was Daisy and Tom Buchanan who were supposedly living the perfect lifestyle, Jay Gatsby who found himself submerged in money and always throwing parties for the higher class population of New York as well as Daisy, or Myrtle Wilson who throughout the novel seeked to be a high class woman, they all ended up unhappy or lost their own lives as a consequence. Jay Gatsby was a self-madeRead MoreEssay The Great Gatsby: Differences and Corruption of Classes543 Words   |  3 PagesThe Great Gatsby: Differences and Corruption of Classes Money is essential for survival; it can bring happiness, despair, or corruption. It rules our daily lives, is preferred in large amounts, and separates us into different social classes. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, is a perfect example of this since the class structure within the novel, portrays how money or the need for it can cause corruption in all the different social classes. This is shown through the three distinct

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Jane Austen s Pride And Prejudice - 1461 Words

In today s society, many social issues plague individuals and communities around the world due to their injustices. In most cases, these social issues can be traced back years, and even centuries. It can be surprising to realize that these injustices continue to occur in today s world just as they have for several years. Arranged marriage is a social issue that regularly occurred during the Romantic period in England and continues to be an issue today’s cultures and society, causing the unhappiness and social prejudices to remain in today’s world as they did in 19th century England. During England’s Romantic period, arranged marriages between young men and women were customary and of much importance, allowing the custom to be influential and reflected in the culture and literature of the time period. The 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, a story of how an unlikely match overcomes the obstacles of social prejudices and the couple’s own vanity t o find happiness, exemplifies the problems this custom caused and how it impacted society. The relationships and interactions between people of differing social classes in this novel allow readers to understand the impact of this issue during that time. People in 19th century England found the practice of arranged marriages as a ritual and the norm, ultimately resulting in sacrifices of happiness and causing social prejudices to be inevitable. Arranged marriages in the Romantic period were considered business deals,Show MoreRelatedJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1231 Words   |  5 Pagesfinancial stability. In the novel Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen states that the desire for better social connections interferes with the workings of love through the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth to criticize the social class structure of the 19th century. Anxieties about social connections or the desire for better social connections, interfere with the workings of love. Darcy and Elizabeth s realization of a mutual and tender love seems to imply that Jane Austen views love as something independentRead MoreJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1294 Words   |  6 PagesJane Austen s exceptional novel Pride and Prejudice has been depicted as a classic that is as much a social study on class, marriage and gender as it is a romantic tale. It is an amusing representation of the social atmosphere of the late eighteenth and mid nineteenth century England, and it is primarily required with courtship rituals of the English high class. The novel is more than a romantic tale, however through Austen s subtle, and ironic style, it addresses gender, class, and marriageRead MoreJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice992 Words   |  4 Pages It is unfortunate that many people tend to dismiss Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice, as simply a roman tic love story, even labeling it a â€Å"chick flick.† Upon a shallow reading, it may appear to be such, but a closer look at the novel reveals so much more embedded in the story. In addition to describing the entertaining relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, the novel serves to forward Austen s personal values and ideas. Furthermore, there is one issue of her era that she particularlyRead MoreJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1138 Words   |  5 PagesPride and Prejudice is a novel about the superficiality of marriage during the late 19th and early 20th century, which largely influenced the decisions made by individuals, based on connections and social rankings. The novel takes its characters through various changes influenced by their decision to or rather not to marry certain individuals. It begins not by a man desiring to marry for love, but by a mother who desires nothing more than to marry her daughters well. As the novel develops, Jane AustenRead MoreJane A usten s Pride And Prejudice1211 Words   |  5 PagesJane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was greatly influenced by the time period in which it was written, This novel follows the story of Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters as they are faced with marriage proposals. The marriage and roles of women in this time period are shown throughout this story. During the time Austen was writing this novel, a woman’s role for her family changed. Daughters started to become a way for their family to achieve more money. Because their family depended on this financialRead MoreJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1675 Words   |  7 PagesIn Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, she has specific criteria that her characters follow when choosing their mates. In today’s society, most couples still follow these criteria and more when choosing their ideal mate. What are these important criteria that Austen’s characters consider when choosing a mate? For Austen, the important cr iteria that she has for choosing a mate are that couples are personally compatible, they are in love with each other, and they must have a good moral character. Read MoreJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1678 Words   |  7 PagesAfter reading Jane Austen’s most popular piece of work, the effects of the high societal expectations can be acknowledged through viewing the lives of the Bennet family and friends and noting such effects. Through the examination of the characters in Pride and Prejudice it is easily deciphered between marriages based upon true love and marriage based upon the expectations of society. Society’s main goal for woman in the Victorian era was marriage. As seen many in Pride and Prejudice, marriage wasRead MoreJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1434 Words   |  6 PagesJane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was considered a radical novel back in 1813 when she wrote and published the piece. It is a social commentary on the treatment and societal standards of women, as well marriage expectations at the turn of the 19th century. Austen criticizes the patriarchal society, materialism, double standards of men and women by centering the book around Elizabeth Bennett, a young woman of decent means who does not understand the reason for the pressure to find a suitable husbandRead MoreJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1468 Words   |  6 Pagesestablished over time. In Jane Austen s novel, Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet is the main character who is a lady in the Regency Era. Elizabeth lives in Longbourn with her parents, Mr and Mrs Bennet and her four sisters. In the beginning of the novel, Elizabeth s prejudice mindset and strong opinion blinds her from realizations happening around her. Soon, Elizabeth s prejudice disappears allowing her to open up and fall in love. Throughout Jane Austen s novel, Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth growsRead MoreJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1649 Words   |  7 PagesIn her novel, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen is pre-occupied with the theme of marriage. Marriage is a central issue of a woman’s life but it was even more crucial for the women of her society where women were largely dependent on the men in their lives. As a result, women pursued socio-economic stability through marriage. However, it is clear through the novel that Austen did not agree with this part of her society. In Pride and Prejudice, she gives preference to a marriage which is based on love

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Environmental Message in Wall-E Essay - 877 Words

Wall-E Science/Description Essay Kari Jacobson Ottawa University LAS 45012- Global Issues in Liberal Arts Karen Bryson January 27, 2013 Introduction The film Wall-E is related to the science and description area because it talks about the environment and what can happen in the future. The film starts with a robot named Wall-E and he has been assigned to clean up Earth from all the waste that the humans have left behind. It shows him coming out of his house that is full of little different things that humans would think are trash but he does not know what they are and considers them treasures. As he is performing his duties he hears another ship land and drops off another robot named Eve. Eve’s mission is to find any living†¦show more content†¦When it comes to what could happen if we do not educate society on taking responsibility for their waste and disposing it in the proper way this could happen to our planet. I know that after seeing what can happen I have taken recycling more seriously and I have also made sure to educate my family and friends because I want them to do their part on going green and taking r esponsibility for their waste. I know this huge change on getting everyone to go green will not happen overnight but if we all are more conscious about and do our parts then I am sure that one day we can make sure that it does not happen like in the movie. The second global implication for this movie is concerning technology. In the movie humans are living in the future on a space ship because they cannot return to Earth for it is uninhabitable from all the waste. When we are introduced to the humans they are all wearing red clothes, are fat and lazy, and are all sitting on chairs either watching television or on telephone calls on tablets. That we are too dependent on routines and habits that make us distracted and not able to make our own decisions. When Wall-E ends up accidently bumping into one of the ladies she realizes that her clothes have changed color and that she finally opens her eyes and sees everything from a new perspective and realizes that she does not have to be dep endent on technology. I realized that from watching this movie there are times that we do depend onShow MoreRelatedMovie Analysis : Wall E 990 Words   |  4 Pages Comp. II 5 May 2017 Film Analysis Essay Wall-E is an animated science fiction film that was produced by Pixar and directed by Andrew Stanton in 2008. The setting, at the beginning of the movie, is a futuristic depiction of planet earth covered in garbage and filth, which sets the foundation for the environmental message. The creator also uses dancing and music throughout the movie to set the mood for the development of a relationship between Wall-E and Eve. The creators throw in lots of symbolismRead MoreEnglish Year 11 Essay1148 Words   |  5 Pagesanalysed, George Orwell 1984 and Disney Pixar Film WALL E. In both these texts, countless types of power can be extracted whether it is being used for the good or bad. Power is Power, what you do with it is your decision. George Orwell novel is a social commentary of a dystopian future in which totalitarian rule of government has shaped society close to its full potential, leaving no rights and certainly no freedom of expression. The Disney Pixar Film WALL E is also another example of a dystopian futureRead MoreReaction Paper in Wall E1770 Words   |  8 Pagesmain thing that a lot of people are praising WALL-E for is the deeper message that it manages to get across. While I can appreciate a cautionary tale about the Earth getting overrun with garbage and pollution, and a believable sci-fi future where humans become overly reliant on machines, I don’t know that it’s really anything all that groundbreaking. Maybe this message seems a bit less inspired just because there have so many other movies with environmental undertones lately. I honestly thought thereRead MoreWhat Does Turmeric Can Improve Liver Function?980 Words   |  4 Pagescan lead to plaque build-up and damage to the blood vessels, thereby causing stroke or heart attack. Turmeric is also a good source of vitamin B6, which helps keep the levels of homocysteine low. High levels of homocysteine are known to damage the walls of the blood vessels. When this happens, the risk of getting heart attack and atherosclerotic plaque build-up increases. According to The George Mateljan Foundation, a study published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology revealedRead MoreAbercrombie and Fitch - Paper1076 Words   |  5 Pagesthe United States. To aid further growth, the American based retailer’s number one objective over the passed years has been global expansion. It has aggressively pursued an organic growth strategy internationally. With the recent improvement in their e-commerce business and the projected 110 new stores by end of the 2012 fiscal year, Abercrombie and Fitch is in position to expand its customer base and obtain tremendous growth. International growth is however very costly and the company might be unableRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Essay1278 Words   |  6 Pagestriggering bipolar disorder in the human body. 2 The main cause of bipolar disorder from a physiology standpoint is the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals released from an axon into a synapse to carry a message from one cell to another. Brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) are involved in both brain and bodily functions. Everything we do involves brain chemicals: our behaviors, environments, sleep patterns, as well as the food we eat and even the drugs thatRead MoreRole of Technology in Protecting the Environment Essay1372 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Over the past few decades, technologies have made a few great contributions to the environmental protection. Renewable technologies have reduced the demand of fossil fuel; computer technologies have enabled paperless office into reality and thus decreasing the number of trees used to produce paper. Therefore, I have come in to believe that technologies will serve as a major role in protecting the environment, both in the present and future. However, due to certain limitations like politicalRead MoreAuditory Processing Disorder1592 Words   |  7 Pageswith what we hear. It involves the ability to remember what is heard, sequence or recall what was heard in the exact order that it was presented, follow directions appropriately or fill in missing pieces of the information in order to complete the message. Children with Auditory Processing Disorder often do not recognize subtle differences between sounds in words, even though the sounds themselves are loud and clear. For example, th e request, Tell me how a chair and a couch are alike may soundRead MoreHow The Human Body Can Work Out All These Processes And Interactions With The World Around Us1728 Words   |  7 Pagesdetecting thousands of different odours. The olfactory receptor neurons transmit the information to the olfactory bulbs, which are located at the back of the nose. The olfactory bulbs have sensory receptors that are actually part of the brain which send messages directly to the most primitive brain centres where they influence emotions and memories (limbic system structures), and higher centres where they modify conscious thought (neo-cortex). These brain centres perceive odours and access memories to remindRead MoreStudio Ghibli s Princess Mononoke, Directed By Hayao Miyazaki2265 Words   |  10 PagesHuman civilization is linked with environmental destruction, and despite the many implemented laws to limit the pollution released into the environment, degradation persists because humans have e nough influence to cause harm to the environment as shown with overdeveloped human settlements (Shea). Global warming is growing as a predominant problem that can affect future generations and to spread awareness films are incorporating a pro-environmental message. Studio Ghibli s Princess Mononoke, written

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Alfred Noyes “The Highwayman” Essay Sample free essay sample

â€Å"The Highwayman† is one of Alfred Noyes most beautiful. romantic and perfect verse forms. among the many he has written. It was merely done but w/ particular beat. perfect manner. complete with lyrical phrases. vivacious lines and accurate timing. The words that were used in this verse form was fluxing spontaneously and it is one that can be read and understood with merely sitting. because the minute you start on it. one can non afford non to complete reading all through out because the stoping portion is the most electrifying part. . The manner Alfred Noyes used similes. metaphors. initial rhyme. personification and onomatopia was merely astonishing. . Everything was done with awe and he gave manner to utilizing beautiful imagination as this verse form is a romantic narrative and the characters used were described profoundly. The narrative as a whole was brilliant. in that. it has practically everything in it. such as a instance of a Forbidden love. melancholy nature. nostalgic minutes. and the most interesting and romantic portion is the grave vow they made for each other that even after decease they will still be together. The sugariness of the words used and the unhappiness on the truth revealed ; the clear. sturdy promise that they said to each other. the purpose seeing a bright hereafter of acquiring married with each other and holding kids. and for them populating merrily together even until decease are the major impact that makes the verse form interesting and exciting. â€Å"The Highway Man’ is a dramatic lay wholly. assorted with subject about love and decease. written in 17. six-line stanzas. each one stating us a portion of this some- ( 2. ) what ghastly narrative. It was written in a descriptive. narrative manner. in the 3rd individual with really definite beat. . Noyes pick of words used in ‘The Highwayman’ were really carefully selected. neer leting to destruct the flow of the literary piece. which makes it a lovely verse form to read with full attending to inside informations to better understand. OUTLINE/ANALYSIS: In the first stanza Alfred Noyes sets the scene for the most of this verse form. He used tonss of adjectives and the first three lines all include metaphors. phrases that allows us to visualize nature in a really awful but colourful scenario in our heads. It besides showed initial rhyme at the terminal of the first paragraph where the highjacker was introduced in some sort of a dramatic but active temper. In the 2nd stanza. the highjacker is described in every bit much as. if non more elaborate. and utilizing adjectives. as to how he dressed up and appeared before Bess. his lady love. Noyes described the highwayman’s organic structure from the caput downwards. stipulating each characteristic of his entire visual aspect. We can conceive of what frock he was have oning as every colour and accoutrements were carefully mentioned. including the boots that he wore with it. In the 3rd stanza. Noyes made usage of initial rhymes and metaphors. and opted to utilize the analytical manner. This is the point where he made the reader think about the verse form more deeply. On the 3rd poetry. ‘over the setts he clattered and clashed in the dark inn-yard. ’ Alfred Noyes did non compose in apparent English that the highjacker was dying. although one can state from the picks of words used that he is in a haste. as if he was running out of clip. Somehow. this seemed to be a hard undertaking to manage than simple ( 3. ) imagination. particularly in a rhythmic verse form like this where there is merely a limited pick of words to choose and use for a comparatively complex thought or statement. . It is besides in this stanza where we were introduced Bess. the Landlord’s daughter’ . the highwayman’s love. In the 4th stanza from the first three lines we can state that ‘Tim the ostler’ ( a stableboy ) was evidently dirty and dirty. Noyes didn’t straight tell us straight how he looks but we can state and analyse. easy plenty from the linguistic communication that he used as similes were merely utilised. Tim. who in secret loved Bess was dumbstruck with enviousness and hatred with the highjacker particularly when he heard him stating those endearing words to Bess. The 5th stanza was to the full dominated by the highwayman’s words to Bess and is unlike any of the old stanzas. He promises and assures Bess that he will be back the following forenoon. nevertheless if he doesn’t. so she should look frontward to seeing him by moonshine or the dark clip no affair what happens. This poetry is all address and so to antagonize humdrum. Noyes put in tonss of imagination into it. He didn’t use a batch of adjectives. though there were some few. but it was really easy to visualize in your head the scenario that the highjacker was driving at. . In the 6th stanza we find a really similar format to stanza 3. It merely described the scenario and made it really easy for one to understand what was go oning. There is merely one simile used ( â€Å"like a trade name ) . We besides have an penetration into the highwayman’s ideas. On the 5th line. in parentheses. he described to us what the highjacker was ( 4. ) thought and feeling as he kissed Bess’ hair. Noyes besides put in an air of immorality in this stanza. where a dark image was portrayed to us. At this minute we san conclude that there is traveling to be a awful turn in the narrative. In stanza 7 Noyes once more described the scene. but in a more wicked manner than the old stanzas and the phases of the twenty-four hours was besides detailed. Noyes used this thought in other stanzas. taking t he reader through phases. This brings the reader into the narrative and makes one to truly thirstily read on. This strategy is used in old poetries. such as in stanza 2 when the highjacker was described in phases from head-to-toe. Noyes. in this stanza. besides refers to the route as a ‘gypsy’s thread. looping the violet moor’ . and in verse 1 he said that the route was a ‘ribbon of moonshine over the violet Moor. ’ Both of these phrases were metaphors. In stanza 8 the words ‘window’ and ‘casement’ ( both intending the same thing. ) were double used and one is forced to believe that the window may play some critical portion in the narrative. and hence Noyes is doing us believe about what he has written. Because he wants us to be non merely nonmeaningful bystanders of this great verse form but be a portion of it and he wants as to seeking to work out the concealed significances. The verse form besides says how hard-pressed Bess was. because she somehow feels and can anticipate what problem was abrewing for them. Here Noyes used person ification in the words â€Å"death and hell† Stanza 9 continues on from the old poetry with a narrative manner. We have more repeat of what the highjacker said to Bess. Noyes puts accent by stating that Bess could hear him ( though he was a dead adult male ) stating the words â€Å"look for me by moonlight†¦ . . † We know that Bess understood what the King’s program for the highjacker ( 5. ) was and she tried her best to work it out while the King’s work forces were chat uping with her. Stanzas 10 and 11 are closely intertwined. Both have the same topic and continue on one scene. They are easy to analyse as they have the same form of manner and tone. We see an illustration of personification in lineâ€Å" the hours crawled by like years† gives us a clear position of how Bess feels. what she’s traveling through and she feels like clip have stopped traveling. Blood was mentioned in both stanzas as a symbol of hurting and torment Bess was traveling through. Stanza 12 shows onomatopoeia in the ‘Tlot-tlot ; tlot-tlot! ’ seeking to capture the sound of a horse’s gallop. in a word. This has been used in the old stanza A ; on the Following stanza. We have Noyes’ metaphor for the word â€Å"ribbon of moonlight† . Again. stanza 13 starts with onomatopoeia on words ‘Tlot-tlot† Noyes used repeat to do it cognize that the highjacker is coming: In this poetry we besides find words â€Å"frosty silence† and â€Å"echoing night† which means that Noyes treated something non physical as though it was. I n this stanza. the flood tide of the whole verse form. Bess kills herself. in the procedure of seeking to give warning to the highjacker non to come to the spread. This is a great illustration non merely of self forfeit. of giving up one’s life to salvage a loved one. but to turn out the value and worth of the love she has for the highjacker. Stanza 14 is another sad portion of the verse form. The highjacker did non cognize that Bess. his lover. gave up her life for him. as a cogent evidence of her deep committedness of love. Here. the â€Å"blood† was used to typify hurting and agony. It was such a painful experience for the highjacker when he subsequently got to larn that the dead organic structure belongs to his love. Bess. ( 6. ) In stanza 15 we see the highwayman’s reaction on the awful intelligence. He acted with scope as his emotions overruled him with his choler. The tragic stoping of a loving relationship of two lovers both stoping up with decease merely because of their deep love for each other ; all because of people stepping on their manner. Here. one can announce that the highjacker has no opportunity of lastin g in his purpose of revenging the decease of Bess. The stanzas 16 and 17 are merely simple rematch of poetries 1 and 3. with merely few little alterations into a simple narrative manner. This is besides the stoping portion non merely for the verse form itself but for the life of the highjacker as he got killed in his pursuit for retaliation. It was someway a sad and tragic stoping but besides a happy stoping because they will be seeing each other and be together in the topographic point where they are destined to be. This is besides the hope in the highwayman’s bosom. Conclusive Comment: This poem â€Å"The Highwayman† written by Alfred Noyes is a romantic and authoritative verse form. attractively written. with suspense and a elan of horror ; although it has a really tragic stoping ( both died in the terminal ) it has besides a clear message for all particularly lovers who are profoundly committed with each other ; that although the love that they show will non boom. the cogent evidence of ego forfeit is worth more than anything. and besides that. there is still hope of being with each other for infinity in the land of after decease. The lovers here in this verse form ( Bess and the highjacker ) proved to all that no 1 and nil can of all time divide them from their love for each other even if it means that their lives will be sacrificed and given up. ( 7. ) A brief drumhead: The verse form â€Å"The Highwayman† by Alfred Noyes is about an criminal and his relationship with his girlfriend Bess. He comes to see Bess at dark because he is a wanted adult male and can’t afford to be seen. He promised her that he is traveling to acquire some gold. and so come back to acquire her. Unfortunately. a cat named Tom. who was covetous that Bess loved the main road adult male. ( because he has a secret love for her ) overheard their conversation and alerted King George’s work forces. The work forces came to the hostel. tied up Bess. and pulled a gun to travel off when the Highwayman opened the door. Bess did non desire him to acquire caught and killed so she shot herself and the sound of the shooting alert ed the Highwayman. He came to her anyway. and was killed by the governments. Beginning of Mention: megaessays. com aboutGrammar. com PotW. org TeachersFirst. com theotherpages. org Submitted by Writer I. D. # 17490